How To Support Us

how to Support to The Longneck Lounge | | Available on Live365, Alexa and TheLongneckLounge.comHow To Support Us, It’s easy! Here are just a few ways to help keep us on the air!

  • Share our station with your family and friends and encourage them to listen.
  • Hashtag #TheHighwayStation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Visit our advertisers and sponsors.
  • Send us a gift via PayPal:

As a listener, while there are many options out there to consume music, consider an instance where you want your music selected for you without having to put any thought into it. In this case, radio is really your best option. One of the benefits of listening to internet radio over traditional broadcast radio is the variety and choice you get while still putting minimal thought into your music selection. Traditional broadcast radio is often filled with the same songs on rotation, but internet radio provides you with lots of variety in songs and that little bit of agency to listen to what you truly want. There are internet radio stations available for virtually every taste, so you aren’t limited to only a few basic genres. You can easily search for a genre, no matter how specific it is, and quickly find a station that suits your needs without turning the dial to find a station. As a broadcaster and a listener, advertisements can be frustrating. On traditional broadcast radio, you can get stuck listening to advertisements for over five minutes. This can be annoying as a listener, and as a broadcaster, it can be frustrating if ads end up turning listeners away. However, with internet radio, while there are still advertisements, the amount and the duration of ads are much smaller. One of the greatest benefits for broadcasters and listeners alike is the wide availability of internet radio. There are no geographic limitations in internet radio like there are with traditional broadcast radio. – Live365

Gift Disclaimer

The IRS defines a gift as cash (via PayPal) or property given to another individual or business. You cannot claim a tax deduction for a gift, but you will not have to pay a tax on a gift either as long as you stay below certain limits. When a gift is given, it is the donor who is responsible for the taxes, not the individual or organization on the receiving end.


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