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The Hot Country Podcast is back in the studio!
Chris McKay just posted the latest episode of the Hot Country Podcast with Billboard, ACM, CMA  and Grammy winner Gary Morris and is available now where you downloads podcasts

🎶 The Highway Station is now Longneck Lounge Radio!
We labored as hard as we could and as much as we tried to separate ourselves from the other “Highway” named stations on radio, the internet and satellite services, it became a monster herculean task! So, as we’ve been broadcasting from behind the bar of The Longneck Lounge since day one, it just seemed logical to just be Longneck Lounge Radio.

🎶 Rumor Has It!
Chris McKay will be in Las Vegas for the 2021 NFR and will be hanging out on Thursday night December 2nd at the Silverton Hotel and Casino with ol’ friend Mark Sissel of Chris Ledoux fame. Mark has been ridin’ the Ledoux brand for over 30 years and plays for Chris’ son Ned Ledoux.

🎶 More Hot Country!
While most radio stations (Broadcast or Internet) have a limited number of songs in their libraries (200-2,000), we’ve started The Longneck Lounge with over 3,500 songs… THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED! In addition to this extensive 80’s and 90’s library, we’ve loaded another 500+ classics into the Longneck Lounge Jukebox! Every hour we spotlight a classic country song from the 50’s to the 70’s.

🎶 The Longneck Lounge is Home of 12 In-A-Row!
Every Hour, Every Day, Commercial Free! We start every hour with 12 Hot Country Songs from the 80’s and the 90’s commercial free!

🎶 2 Minute Commercial Breaks and only twice per hour!
We may not make a lot of money but, we’ll make a lot of friends. Unlike terrestrial radio that has up to 25 minutes of commercials, promotional announcements, news, traffic and weather per hour, we limit our broadcast hour to 4 minutes of commercials. If we could afford to do it, we would be commercial free….

🎶 TOP TEN COUNTDOWN with Chris McKay – Returns Soon!

🎶 HOT COUNTRY PODCAST with Chris McKay Returns Soon!

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